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Ampack Corrugated

Cardboard & Merchandise Display

At Ampack, we produce durable and affordable custom cardboard displays units that are perfect for retail settings. Our products are all incredibly easy to assemble and can be customised to the specific needs of you and your business.

Custom cardboard displays are an integral part of any retail business and can help to improve your profit margins, increase KPIs and sell your stock at a record pace. We only use the best materials and equipment to construct our products, and all our custom merchandising displays are built to last and grab the attention of your customers.

Ampack Corrugated

Retail Product Display Stands

We pride ourselves on our ability to create retail product display stands that are reliable and strong. As business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have products that can be depended on to get the job done right and contribute to the overall success of your company. That’s why our cardboard display stands are the best in the industry and can be trusted to get the job done right.

It’s no secret that one of the most lucrative selling areas of any retail store is at the point of sale. That’s why we sell point of sale cardboard display stands that can be used to showcase your goods and encourage customers to add additional items to their purchases.

Custom Cardboard Displays
Merchandise Display Units
Ampack Corrugated

POS Cardboard Display Boxes

Our cardboard display boxes can be completely customised to suit your target customers, brand colours and any in-store deals or offers available. Cardboard brochure display stands can be used to provide customers with pamphlets that provide more information about your brand, your products and any incentives or programs that you wish to promote.

Ampack has a corrugated manufacturing plant that can create the correct corrugation for each design. Coatings can be applied to create longevity of the stand.
- Plated metal base struts to support shelves (for high weight products)
- Plastic Injection shelf supports – for quick and easy erection
- Option for P.E. coated (Matte of Gloss) to allow for “easy wipe” surface and splash resistant.
- Packed in a shipping carton
- Stand Erection Instruction manual

Custom Merchandising Displays

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